Tuesday, March 10, 2009

it was a saree n tie day n they wearing it...


this week is meant for fun week and there will be an annual day this weekend. (another reason for postponing exam. i like it). but as usual we (the NRI especially) doesn't want to join all those such things. i just don't like to involve in singing or dancing. but u know its india and all those people love to do that. all my classmates are willing to bunk the class for these things i think so.
because af the fun week so everyday is meant for something. let say like today we got saree n tie day. so almost all my classmates (especially the tempes) wearing the sarees. not to forget the boys also wearing their tie to the class. (as if they never wear the tie even once in their life). i couldn't deny that some of them really look pretty wearing the sarees with shining and glamorous material n accessory. but of course this dressing does not suit with us especially we muslim.
the bad part of the day is when they all just came to the class for the sake of the attendance. they were groaning and shouting to the lecturer just to take the attendance and leave all of us. this is what i dislike very much. it doesn't mean that when we have fun week that all the class for the whole week can be suspended just like that. even when we went for the practical they came late for the lab and got chase out (as usual in india u know). even the lecturer has to give up on them. they cannaot even withstand in the class for 10 minutes!!
so the lecturer just take the attendance and leave all of us. i'm really dissapointed with their attitute. erm then they took their pictures near the dissection hall at the parking lot (hahahah) and make a lot of noise that everyone must notice. but then we also didn't let the opportunity to just go like that. i did take few pictures of them. let's take a look at it.

they wore sarees today

they wore tie today

we always in discent form

in punjabi suit of course!!!

because they wore these dress, definitely they won't wear their apron (in malaysia we call it as labcoat). if we attend the lecture without wearing the apron i can still take it into consideration but what if for the practicals? this is so nonsense. even they have difficulties in walking. i did ask one of them how long does it take to wear saree. and guess what's the answer. it is two hours! o god i don't think so that they even take their breakfast to the class.

exam is just around the corner but still they can play around. erm may be they had prepared already, i don't know. but for me this is not the right time to play around anymore. their brain are so different with all of us the malaysian especially. we malaysians are not use to memorise all that we learned. yeah of course along all the way bit by bit we will remember all those things but not with just only one class. we used to understand and our question is based on thinking prosess not direct question that u need to remember everything. but then bit by bit i just accept the system that they are using currently.

whatever it is let them be happy and i'm happy too with myself. i think its not too late to wish all of u salam maulidurrasul. it's because belgaum always late for one day according to the qamari calendar. ok gud nite i want to sleep now. tomorrow holiday because 'holi day'.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

when we talk about sports


erm... there was KLE Sports Meet yesterday and today (6 & 7 march '09). This is one of the reason our exam were postponed. And guess what i joined march pass in this event. so let's my picture tell the stories...
the day before performance.. only one day for practice!!! (i like it~)

my classmates.. (all those tempe2)

before going to the stadium we took pictures first =P

during our journey...

being 'poyo2'

with sylvina

our march passed (rehearsal only)

can smile during march passed

like fazi said ' berlenggang sungguh ko time kawad!!!'

with my roomate cik azie bijak bistari

the stage

the seats for the lecturers

KLE Annual Sports Meet '08-'09 between JNMC and IDS

the event was not so merrier like during my school n college but it just to fill up the calender events i think so. students only came for the sake of attendance (doctors wanna be didn't want to play so much). but i just enjoyed the day roaming around. even the marched command is in hindi. i kind of laugh when i hear the command (it is because i don't understand).

overall the JNMC win over the IDS. but we must remember that without the runner up there's no winner... ok see u in next post!! (study mode activate!!!!)

Friday, March 6, 2009

lamenye tak menulis~


to all my dear readers~ (amboi macam ramai la sgt pembacenye hehe) maaf lah lame tak menulis... malas sebenarnye. syukur exam sy ditangguhkan sehingga ke 23.3 sekurang2 nye masih ade mase untuk membace. bnyk tak bace lg sebenarnye. dan syukur juga jaduak yg hectic dah berakhir...

dengar2 nye kami still ade cuti lepas exam final nampaknye balik lagi la sy... ntah bile nak berjalan kat india ni. tak sampai2 pun taj mahal nye lg ni

ok ape2 pun nak panaskan sket la blog ni sy tukarkan layout yg baru bg nampak wajah baru sket. mesti semangat tuk exam nak score ospe sekalipun darah mengalir laju di hujung jariku~ eceh poyo sungguh... gambateh!!!! bace buku!!!! (mode untuk study activate!!!!) doakan sy semue mekacih bnyk2 :)