Sunday, August 31, 2008

hApPy biRtHdAy MaLAYsiA!!!!!!!! =)


it's been quite a long time i'm not writing anything on my blog since the last post. but today i feel like writing on sumtin. well today is independence day of Malaysia my beloved country. Malaysia is now 51 year old. and if we compare Malaysia as a man, he must has his own family now and his children already grown up. and supposedly Malaysia is matured than enough already. but still Malaysia is now still trying to establish itself in this world. i believe in the slogan 'MALAYSIA BOLEH!' and Malaysia will always go further ahead. (like iklan milo la plak heheh). i'll always pray may beloved country will always safe and keep develope!!

ok enough to say about Malaysia la. we talk about me la plak. dis week is quite happy2 one. becoz i don't have class on thursday and friday at dental college since there was a convention held there. wawa hepi lor~ but then i just playing2 around not studying a lot. hmmm ape nak jadi la ngan anak dare sorg ni *sigh*

last wed i had physio pract. hmm u know what, we have to perform a pract using a hemocytometer (i'm not sure may b it's RBC diluting pippete kot~). we have to PRICK our own finger, suck our own blood using the hemocytometer thing, then have to view our own blood under microscope. wawawa i dun like la prick2 finger ni. but have to la, dalam berani tak berani buat juga la. then when i'm done the pricking part i have to suck it plak.

u know la dat dilute pippete of coz being use by many student previously. so of coz it's not hygiene enough. i wonder if other univ use the same thing like us or not. but have to do it again. all those kind of thing required bapak punye segale sabar la. adoyai!!! when i want to observe under microscope dat thing always prob. always have to change. there's always damage microscope, like the lense is not gud enough. haiya limo kow chow wa (chinese grumble). it's a ketinggalan zaman punye microscope la becoz it does not use electric. we must get external light to view. like lamp or sunlight. haish all dis thing, sangat la daif~

the last two weeks a lctrr broke my wax carving. hey people in india doesn't know to say sorry k? what a pity for me it's not easy to carve u know. it's need all the patient becoz it consume quite a lot of time and ur hand will feel lenguh2 one. i felt like want to cry at dat time. and i felt so angry wif the lctrr. well kene la saba lg. but when i sent my new carve dis week she's quite careful. may b she afraid she might broke mine for another one kot~ and the marvellous thing is she remembered my name and gave me high marks for my carving!!!!!! hahahaha.

i think it's enough la for dis post. actually i'm scheduled myself to do my journal today and do some revision. hopefully i follow it properly. all those stuff in india yg sengal2 now i feel like i can accept. what can i say anymore. india is still india rite. i cannot change anything. just adapt myself for 5 years to come. hahaha ok till more to come, i have to pen off now~ bye.

p/s: to all readers 'selamat menyambut ramadhan al-mubarak' a month dat we all waiting for. if malaysia start fasting on monday, belgaum start fasting on tuesday. so our eid mubarak will also late for one day. hehe =P

Saturday, August 23, 2008



actually dah takde modal nak cite ape... so ina nak re-post la mak tam nye kate2 motivasi tuk ina dr blog die. hehe mak tam jgn marah ek. takde copyright kan... =P

Thursday, August 14, 2008

You’re Not Alone..

*This writing is dedicated to my niece who’s stay abroad* it's me la tuh.. =P

It’s always a hard time for many people when come something new in their life. Ability to adapt with new environment/culture, people surrounding and new places may differ from one person to another. It depends on willingness to accept and be part of the group.

We always think, other people are better or worse than us because we tend to compare apple to apple. The fact is all of the us are about the same eventhough we are very seldom to really appreciate and look into it. We may less on something but on the other hand we have more than others and we often ignore all these.

Learn the good things from others. Do not allow our emotion drag us down. Be rational. Take the opportunities to improve our self. If we think we are not good, actually Allah the All Mighty wants to tell us that we are not perfect and to HIM we shall devoted our life. Always look the good things behind the bad things. Most importantly learn to accept ad willing to learn from the best.

I received e-mail from my good friend which I quote and want to share.

ALLAH did not promise that life would be easy,but HE did promise to go with you..every step of your life,with HIM by your side..

“Have We not opened thy breast for thee,(1) and relieved from thee thy burden,(2) that had weighed down thy back,(3) and raised high thy name?(4) So surely with hardship comes ease;(5) surely with hardship comes ease.(6) So when thou art relieved, take up the task,(7) and seek thy Lord with fervour.(8)” - Al-Inshirah

alhamdulillah sedikit sebnyk tulisan mak tam memberi semangat kat ina. itu la kadang2 ina ni lupe =P huhu. but then now i'm feeling much better. still playing2 but then musti blaja ma~ tak leh bnyk main2 sgt.

today ina jadi 'shopping queen'! actly takde la beli mende bnyk sgt but then still abis duit. bese la kalo dah name nye shopping. pegi maruti galli road jer. actly tu mmg favourite place kitorg. kalo nak dikatekan mmg tempat tu kitorg slalu pegi. india ni nampak je cam takde pape tapi bile pegi kedai2 die macam2 la yg nak di beli. mayb kite pikir die murah kot~. haish jgn membazir =P. pegi beli blanket, beli bantal tambah nak peluk2 bawa tido. bile bawa balik nek auto tu cam kene halau dr umah jer~ huhu.

erm pastu balik hostel jap jer sebab kejar mase nak solat asar. pastu siap2 nak kwar plak. pegi makan kat adarsha palace. kat sini ade la western food. dahsat la kat sini makan nasi penuh sepinggan wah bole pecah perut. chicken shahcick berharge rs120 jer. nak kire kan tak lebey dr rm10 pun. mmg murah. dats y we all love to makan2 dekat lwar. macam org kaye je duk sini =P. owh lupe plak kitorg kwar pegi makan tu nak celebrate bday kawan ni. name die chea hong. student private mesia. die ni eventho umor dah 19 but then still macam childish sket. no wonder la budak2 tempe suke kawan ngan die.

hmm bile balik bilik dah macam tongkang pecah tgk bilik. cepat2 kemas. mane tak nye tak sempat kemas lg mase balik dr shopping tadi. sebab ade senior nak dtg plak nak amik cite. huru hare~ well mmg penat la hehe. erm sok cuti. dgr nye ari senin pun cuti juga. so seronok la cuti due ari wee~ hapinye!! sok dorg ni ade yg ikut trip pegi khannapur. tapi ina ni tak pegi la sebab nye susah nak solat plak, ye la dr pagi sampai petang. lagi pun bnyk mende nak wat ni. journal tak siap lg. nak revise2 lg ni. ape la yg ade kat khannapur tu ek.. ade sight seeing kot dgrnye cam ade jungle trekking gak. hmm tak pela next tyme la.

ok la cukup la stakat ni, nanti ade modal lain ina tambah lg la ape2 cite kat blog ni. ina doakan semoge sume org yg ina sayang selamat sejahtera n sentiase berbahagia =)) kepade org yg baru sampai mesia tu jage diri baik2 yer.. =P semoge hepi2 dgn famili slalu =)

Saturday, August 16, 2008


ari ni tanggal 16 0gos 2008 maka kami menghadiri orientasi di dental college. kebetulannnye 15 ogos merupekan ari kemerdekaan india yg ke-61 makanye ramai la student yg tidak hadir. mane tak nye sume amik kesempatan balik ke tempat masing2. terus wasal cuti dr ari jumaat sampai la ahad. ade yg dr ari selase pun dah balik. student2 yg same batch dgn ina kebnykannye jauh2 juga tempat asal nye. macam hyderabad, gujerat, punjab, delhi, hmm merate lg la. macam kami ni yg nri (non resident india) ni dah sah2 la tak leh nak balik. huhu... jadi mmg patot la tercongok muke pegi orientasi.

orientasi kat india ni tak same ngan kat mesia. dorg tak de orientasi lame2 macam kat mesia seminggu ni. orientasi cume 'a few hours' dtg dgr die cakap2 pasal kolej n pembelajaran, do's n dont's then abis. syok betol~ tak macam kat mesia karang ade dgr itu la ini la. ade treasure hunt la. kene prepare wat performance tuk penutupan orientasi la. macam2

berikut ini ina tunjuk kan kat sume ina punye kalender akademik....

1. Commencement of academic session 15th july 2008
2. First Terminal Examination 10th nov 2008
3. Vacation 24th dec 08 to 4th jan o9
4. Resumption of classes 5th jan 2009
5. Second Terminal Examination 9th march 2009
6. Preliminary Examination 1st june 2009
7. Last working day 30th june 2009
8. Last Instruction Day 11th july 2009
9. Preparatory Day 1st to 12th july 09
10. Annual Examination - Theory 13th july 2009
11. Annual Examination - Practical 18th july 2009
12. Announcement of Results - Tentative 3rd august 2009
13. Vacations will begin From last day Practicals till
13th august 2009
14. Commencement of 2nd year 14th august 2009
plz notify cuti ina sgt la pendek. uhuhu~ sedey nye macam tak berbaloi je beli tiket balik mesia mahal2 tuk cuti yg pendek. tak pe ina buat cuti sendiri. as long as attendance 75% heheh. hmm ok la takat tu je la. teringat kat principal kitorg yg comel Dr. K. R. Indushekar. baik dr ni. HOD tuk department kanak2. semoga sy bole mengharungi thn pertame BDS dgn jayanye! insyaAllah. ok da~

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

i fEeL liKE T_T *sigh* ~


first n foremost ina want to write in english la. once in a while kan. today i felt quite sad. i don't know y but i juz feel like dat. hmm today i went for biochem lab n i feel like so stupid. becoz i don't know how to answer the lectrr question. i cannot answer the principal needed. when the lctrr asked i juz said like "i don't know sir,becoz the other lctrr talked too fast n i can't catch up what she said." huh what a sigh~

even when i entered anatomy lecture i can't really follow the class. i know it must be my mistake since i don't read back what the lctrr taught yesterday. then i went for dissection class. we have dissection every monday, tuesday n wednesday. but for wednesday we have histology class. so for today we have to stay in dissection hall near 2 hours n breath in formalin. i've to stay near to d window to prevent me from too dizzy. i juz don't have mood to read the cunninghum book (manual for dissection). so i juz sat n kept quiet since we didn't start yet our dissection class.
i felt bored n lonely. i don't know y may b bcoz i don't talk.

one more thing, soo my 'malaysianmate' try to ask question about nerves. she asked a 'tempe' girl n i followed her. u know what. dis tempe girl is like so brilliant. she can speak fluently english n she can explain about it deeply. i'm so envy with her. bcoz she's so young! only 18 and she seems like knew everything. so what should i do now? i think i need a booster. i'm so relax now like nothing happen. i'm supposed to really study not playing2 anymore.

i'm missing all my friends in ktt. so miss. dat i can cry when i remember them. i missed to laugh wif them, crying wif them, chit chat wif them, eat n went for shopping together. we were separate now bcoz of we're in different u. so i've to adapt wif new friends. try to accept watever my new friends behaviour n have a tight bond together. try to jump up obstacle in front together. i hope so. i hope i can do it.

Sunday, August 3, 2008



kali ni ina nak cerite perihal study yg dah bermule. ina membelanjakan lebih rs5000 untuk membeli buku2 kat sini. kat india ni buku mmg murah2. tapi tak de la selawa buku2 kat malaysia yg berwarna warni dgn ilustrasinya. but it still ok kan. as long as i can read and study of coz! pembelajaran agak memenatkan. buat mase ni ina blaja lebey kurang 7-8 subjek la. yang biase didengar la kan anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, yg tuk dental plak dental material, dental anatomy dental histology(DADH), hmm dissection pun ade belah kepale org, huhu~practical pre-clinical prostho macam2 la name yg pelik.

kalo subjek DADH ni blaja pasal anatomy mulut la then kene wat keje2 mengukir. blaja pasal sel2 hmm macam2 la. mampukah sy menghabiskan segale buku2 ini?

sy yg sedang melaksanakan keje2 mengukir~ lenguh tgn dibuatnye. mmg menguji kesabaran la sebab kene berhati2 spy tak terkeluar dimension die.

ini la dissection hall kat JNMC ni. kuat bau formalin die n tak begitu hygiene punye te
mpat. terutamenye kolah2 tempat die menyimpan mayat2 ini. mase kitorg dtg mmg dah beberape kali mayat baru sampai n kitorg tgk la camne lctrr2 mengerjakan mayat2 ni tuk di awetkan. kasihan mayat2 ni jadi bahan kajian.
betape tidak hygiene n menggelikan tempat ini. dan yg tak tahannye pekerja2 die bole angkat2 mayat ni pakai tgn dorg je without even wearing gloves! euww~ then sibuk tny2 name org. malaysia? hmm mereka mmg sgt berminat dgn org mesia. huhu
kami slalu dtg awal. klas start pukul 2 tapi 130 dah gerak dah. mmg student mesia macam kami ni suke dtg awal. ni kat klas lecture anatomy. nampak lawa kan? coz ni yg baru punye. ade yg burok2 tapi ina tak tgkp la plak. klas satu jam n lctrr cakap ape2 ntah. last2 tak paham coz dia cakap laju n slang die lg yg meleweh. but ade je lctrr yg ok yg kitorg admire dr harsh. hensem la die (dalam kategori indian la) =P

kitorg kat sini selalu terpakse keluar sebab nak beli brg2 tuk dental tak pun brg keperluan. slalu pegi dental depot, tak pun bombay surgical. lg satu shri ganesh bookstore beli alat tulis. yg tak tahannye bole plak jumpe gajah tgh pekan kat jalan maruti galli tu. ish3 kalo lembu tak pe la pemandangan bese lg tapi ini gajah berjalan2 kalo pijak org ni gerenti mati la~ . naik auto beramai2. kat sini pemandu2 auto ni sume dasar kaki nak menipu jer. kalo bole nak dihentam mahal2 kitorg ni. jadi ape lg, skill berlakon amat diperlukan di sini. n besenye sume kami pggl 'bahiya' heheh.
lagi satu kat sini ujan mmg la tak berenti2. bole dikatekan setiap ari tak sah hidup kalo tak ujan! pastu turun mengejut plak tu! tanpe petande!sejuk nye bukan main lg. ina nak tido malam pun menggigil2. walaupun dah pakai sweater, pakai stoking. wah macam org bersalin plak! jadi brg yg paling utame n menjadi kesayangan di sini merangkap sahabat karib adelah payung!!! payung yg ina beli kat mesia mmg tak tahan. baru pakai 3 mggu jer. dah tercabut2 dah besi benang die. pastu asyik luruh jer . jadi ina pun terpakse la membeli payung made in india yg lebey endurance berharge rs75. payung ni mmg dahsat tekan je terus terbuka. so sesape yg jahat2 don't u dare to come near to me!
begitu lah serba sedikit adenye kehidupan di sini. erm rasenye baru baik dr homesick ni. dah bole terime kehidupan di sini bit by bit. but still malaysia is d best for me!!! wa rindu mesia!! nak makan makanan mesia, nak beli brg2 kat mesia! wa~ rindu everything in mesia!!! but life must go on. gambateh! aja! aja! fighting!!! AMALINA CAN DO IT!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

1st aUGusT


hari ini bermule dgn kekalutan. kami bgn lambat, pukul 7 dan klas kannada bermule pukul 8. huru hare bersiap. sebabnye nak jalan kaki ke dental kolej tu memerlukan mase 5-10 minit juga la. kalau hujan lagi la lambat. taw2 je la lecturer kat india ni garang. kalau lambat tak dapat la masuk klas dah. huhu...

bile sampai kat dental kolej. kami pun tercari2 la di manakah tempat blaja kami. tak nampak pun satu btg hidung budak tempe. rupe2nye klas bahase yg sepatutnye efektif 1 ogos tak ade! kurang asam betul! buat penat jer terkocoh2 bgn awal. jadi ape yg bole nak dbuat. takkan nak tggu sejam lg kat situ. kami pun pulang lah semula ke hostel.

sampai kat hostel nak naik la lif kan. then ade seorg budak qatar ni. namenye ashmaa. jalan slow sgt. jadi ina pun nak tahan la lif tuk die. yg salahnye ina tahan gune tahan. supposedly, lif tu ade sensor n die akan buka balik. tapi alih2 lif tu terus tutup! maka terapitlah tgn ina! wa terjerit2 ina! kebetulan yg ade dalam lif tu semua enam2 student mesia. apalagi,puas la dorg pun tolong ina menarik pintu lif tu semoga terbuka. bile ina berjaye meloloskan tgn kiri ina bersame2 dengan jam maka lif itu pun tertutup dan tak nak gerak2 dah.

we were trapped! huh ah sudah macam mane ni? kami pun puas la menekan2 loceng kecemasan dgn harapan akan ade org yg akan menye lamatkan kami. puas kami terjerit2 siap pggl ashmaa tu lg. setelah beberape minit maka akhirnye pintu lif pun terbuka la. huh leganye alhamdulillah. kalau lg lame lif ni tertutup lambat la kitorg pegi klas balik...

jadi ape lagi naik la tgga yg berpusing2 itu ke tingkat 5. berpusing2 ina juga bersam2 tgn yg sakit. hu~sedeynye.... setelah itu ingat nak breakfast la kan nak masak air. bole plak air filter dah abis! macam2 dugaan di pagi hari. sabar je la.

hari ni kat klas DADH (dental anatomy dental histology) kami buat carving. assignment nye ari ni adalah rectangle dgn ukuran 3cm x 1cm x 1cm. jenuh juga nak 'mengcarving' ni. petang plak untul pre-clinical prostho kami dapat brg2 untuk practical. wah nampaknye next week onwards no more relax2 tyme~ klas prostho tu dr pukul 130 sampai pukul 430 taw. jenuh la~

hmm itula die tarikh keramat 1 ogos ni punye cerite. eh ari ni bufday mama la. semoga mama dipanjangkan umor murah rezeki. dipermudahkan segale urusan. berbahagia dgn abah n famili. dan jgn lupekan ina yg kat india ni. ina doakan syurga milik mama =)

tak dilupekan juga. ari ni ari frendship yer... owh kepade semue sahabat. HEPI FRENSHIP DAY! frenz forever k! kepade teha, yana, hawa, azie, fazi, tze ning, sylvina, sitt leng semoga kite akan terus bersahabat. (apekah ayat ini?) hehe tak kire la sesape shj yg mengenali diri ini walaupun tak di mention di sini kan. termasuk la 'orang manipal' =P sume2 lah HEPI FRIENDSHIP DAY!!!! hmm ok la cukup2 la tu dah la tgn still sakit lagi terapit adeih~ ok papai =)