Sunday, August 31, 2008

hApPy biRtHdAy MaLAYsiA!!!!!!!! =)


it's been quite a long time i'm not writing anything on my blog since the last post. but today i feel like writing on sumtin. well today is independence day of Malaysia my beloved country. Malaysia is now 51 year old. and if we compare Malaysia as a man, he must has his own family now and his children already grown up. and supposedly Malaysia is matured than enough already. but still Malaysia is now still trying to establish itself in this world. i believe in the slogan 'MALAYSIA BOLEH!' and Malaysia will always go further ahead. (like iklan milo la plak heheh). i'll always pray may beloved country will always safe and keep develope!!

ok enough to say about Malaysia la. we talk about me la plak. dis week is quite happy2 one. becoz i don't have class on thursday and friday at dental college since there was a convention held there. wawa hepi lor~ but then i just playing2 around not studying a lot. hmmm ape nak jadi la ngan anak dare sorg ni *sigh*

last wed i had physio pract. hmm u know what, we have to perform a pract using a hemocytometer (i'm not sure may b it's RBC diluting pippete kot~). we have to PRICK our own finger, suck our own blood using the hemocytometer thing, then have to view our own blood under microscope. wawawa i dun like la prick2 finger ni. but have to la, dalam berani tak berani buat juga la. then when i'm done the pricking part i have to suck it plak.

u know la dat dilute pippete of coz being use by many student previously. so of coz it's not hygiene enough. i wonder if other univ use the same thing like us or not. but have to do it again. all those kind of thing required bapak punye segale sabar la. adoyai!!! when i want to observe under microscope dat thing always prob. always have to change. there's always damage microscope, like the lense is not gud enough. haiya limo kow chow wa (chinese grumble). it's a ketinggalan zaman punye microscope la becoz it does not use electric. we must get external light to view. like lamp or sunlight. haish all dis thing, sangat la daif~

the last two weeks a lctrr broke my wax carving. hey people in india doesn't know to say sorry k? what a pity for me it's not easy to carve u know. it's need all the patient becoz it consume quite a lot of time and ur hand will feel lenguh2 one. i felt like want to cry at dat time. and i felt so angry wif the lctrr. well kene la saba lg. but when i sent my new carve dis week she's quite careful. may b she afraid she might broke mine for another one kot~ and the marvellous thing is she remembered my name and gave me high marks for my carving!!!!!! hahahaha.

i think it's enough la for dis post. actually i'm scheduled myself to do my journal today and do some revision. hopefully i follow it properly. all those stuff in india yg sengal2 now i feel like i can accept. what can i say anymore. india is still india rite. i cannot change anything. just adapt myself for 5 years to come. hahaha ok till more to come, i have to pen off now~ bye.

p/s: to all readers 'selamat menyambut ramadhan al-mubarak' a month dat we all waiting for. if malaysia start fasting on monday, belgaum start fasting on tuesday. so our eid mubarak will also late for one day. hehe =P


hilmi falih said...

salam... hemocytometer tu mmg kongsi2 pun.. haha.. sama je mana2 univ,.. tapi, microscope kami takde la guna natural light.. hehe...

the way u write dah cam chinese.. hehe.. got many chinese frens?? doesnt matter, we all malaysian.. huhu.. =)

yananana said...

tibe2 nak nyibuk..terbatuk sebentar :)