Tuesday, August 12, 2008

i fEeL liKE T_T *sigh* ~


first n foremost ina want to write in english la. once in a while kan. today i felt quite sad. i don't know y but i juz feel like dat. hmm today i went for biochem lab n i feel like so stupid. becoz i don't know how to answer the lectrr question. i cannot answer the principal needed. when the lctrr asked i juz said like "i don't know sir,becoz the other lctrr talked too fast n i can't catch up what she said." huh what a sigh~

even when i entered anatomy lecture i can't really follow the class. i know it must be my mistake since i don't read back what the lctrr taught yesterday. then i went for dissection class. we have dissection every monday, tuesday n wednesday. but for wednesday we have histology class. so for today we have to stay in dissection hall near 2 hours n breath in formalin. i've to stay near to d window to prevent me from too dizzy. i juz don't have mood to read the cunninghum book (manual for dissection). so i juz sat n kept quiet since we didn't start yet our dissection class.
i felt bored n lonely. i don't know y may b bcoz i don't talk.

one more thing, soo my 'malaysianmate' try to ask question about nerves. she asked a 'tempe' girl n i followed her. u know what. dis tempe girl is like so brilliant. she can speak fluently english n she can explain about it deeply. i'm so envy with her. bcoz she's so young! only 18 and she seems like knew everything. so what should i do now? i think i need a booster. i'm so relax now like nothing happen. i'm supposed to really study not playing2 anymore.

i'm missing all my friends in ktt. so miss. dat i can cry when i remember them. i missed to laugh wif them, crying wif them, chit chat wif them, eat n went for shopping together. we were separate now bcoz of we're in different u. so i've to adapt wif new friends. try to accept watever my new friends behaviour n have a tight bond together. try to jump up obstacle in front together. i hope so. i hope i can do it.


~*miss yana*~ said...

sejak kebelakangan ni blog sume org emo.... :( baru2 mmg cmtu..lagi2 anat..bersabarlah dan bertabahla..pk kan cara utk atasi..atasi rinthan juga.. ;) wargh...sadisnye aku....!~

nur_amalina said...

yana mekacih!! hehe saje nak meluahkan perasaan. tak tahu nak pegi mane. hmm mmg kene figure out care nak kwar dr masalah ni. smoga aku bole lakukannye.

Citratus said...

Dear Ina,

Mak tam read thru your writing. So sorry to hear that. Believe me it is normal. All of us will feel the same way when we are out of from our comfortable environment because we rae an ordinary human. Remember this it is only for temporary.

Look at Surah Al-Inshirah 5 & 6, Allah had promised that with hardship comes ease. Allah said it twice and the finally Allah said after we complete one task, do the other task and for HIM we shall devoted to.

Insya-Allah you will be able to pass through the hard time. By the way I Mak tam wrote something in my blog. Read it!!


yananana said...

amalina,tamo sedeyh2 taw.kena happy2.aku ade kat sini taw if nak share ape2.saaaaaayaang ko :)