Sunday, October 2, 2011

Eid Mubarak in Malaysia

Assalamualaikum and greetings to all :)

It's been a long time since my last post. This year i was lucky to get a chance to celebrate Eid with my family in Malaysia. After 3 years of celebrating with my fellow friends in a small town known as Belgaum in India.

As the times goes by i realize that so much changes occur within my big family. My sisters and my brothers have grown up. Changes in the size and also the way their thinking! Quite a miss as i loss so much time to spent with my family as i spent a lot of my time in India to study. It's not that i felt regret or what so ever just a little bit sad feeling.

I'm now in my fourth year course BDS also known as final year student. By next year after completing the final examination i will enter a year what we call as internship. Do pray for my success. :)

So the aim of this year is to pass my final exams with flying colours and to find someone who can be my partner??? hehe :P (erm such a long way to go~)

Ok take a look at my family pictures. We used to take pictures on eid at studio. This is the latest one. Am i look feminine??? hehe

Till then.... have a nice day :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


salam and greetings :)
i've done with my examination..
enjoy the song k
from maher zain...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Take a look at this :D

Greetings! it's been a while since my last post...
i'm in the middle of preparation for my final exam now
so until then just enjoy this video k :)
insyaAllah once i've done with the examination 
i'll write something :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Caries : Beware!

Assalamualaikum and greetings to everyone :)

Today i'll be writing about caries which is also known as tooth decay in layman term. As far as the definition concern it is defined as an infectious microbiologic disease, characterized by demineralization of the inorganic portion and destruction of the organic substance of the tooth, which often lead to cavitations. Yes, this is too long and may be a little bit difficult to understand. So to put in simple words it is a disease of teeth which if we let it be ultimately will cause cavitation.

It is said that it is a disease of modern civilisation as we consume a lot more refined sugar, processed and soft food nowadays. Let's see who is the culprit behind all this. Guess what? Yes correct! It is caused by bacteria known as Streptococcus mutans. Anyway there are lot more but to mention a few Actinomyces viscosus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, S. sanguis, S. mitior etc.

Apart from that tooth decay is caused by multifactorial factor which includes foods, teeth, time and bacteria itself. Why??? Here take a look at figure below and watch the subsequent video.

Tetralogy of caries

When you having meal, food will accumulate on your tooth surface. If it is not clean or remove for a sufficient time, the bacteria will use the food as their subtrate to produce acid. This acid in turn will lead to cavitation after a period of time. Therefore it is important to at least rinse your mouth with water every time after meal to prevent accumulation of plaque on the tooth surface.

There are several types of caries in which it can occur.

Inter proximal caries, caries in between of teeth
Root caries occur when there is recession of the gum
Smooth surface caries
Most common sites of caries pit and fissure caries

To prevent the dental caries to occur there are several things you have to do.

  1. Brush your teeth at least twice daily. In the morning after breakfast and before going to bed at night. It is also a good habit if you also use mouthwash and floss your teeth.

     2.  Reduce the intake of snacks and sweet in between meals.
     3.  Visit your dentist at least twice a year for professional check-up so that caries can be detect as early as possible and proper treatment can be institute.

If at any cause the caries eventually occur the dentist will usually restore the affected tooth. For children to prevent caries some topical fluoride application can be done professionally in the dental office. Instead of getting treatment there might be one that ignore their tooth decay. It might be because of ignorance or unable to recognize the caries. 

One might be concern about their teeth when it started to show some symptoms like tooth ache and if we just let it be it may lead to some consequences like tooth abscess. Eventually the particular tooth may end up to go for root canal treatment or extraction.

So now ask yourself do you want caries to occur in your mouth? Save your teeth and give a perfect smile everyday :) Till then...

Monday, May 2, 2011

Pedodontics : A care for children

Assalamualaikum and hello to everyone.

Teeth start to erupt in an infant as early as 8 months and will continue to erupt till 29 months averagely. While permanent tooth will start to erupt around 6-7 years old and goes on as late as 25 years old in which the most people said the wisdom tooth will erupt. The period in which mix deciduous and permanent teeth are present is called as mixed dentition. Therefore, if any patient below 18 years old come and refer their teeth problem to us, we will refer them to pedodontist.

Pedodontics is a special branch in dentistry in which we deals with children dentition.A pedodontist is an expert dentist in which they know how to handle child behaviour better on dental chair.

Even though children dentition are not permanent, but we do want them to have a good smile and
most important a healthy teeth so that they can eat properly and maintain their health overall.

So parent play a very important role in their children oral health as children never know how
important their teeth are to them. As early as 2 years old they can bring their child to a pedodontist for routine check up. Parents have to be aware about caries if it may present and seek for the treatment immediately.

It's true that in the very first time when a child meet with a dentist they will very apprehensive an afraid that they will start to cry and shouting. Therefore psychologically dentist has to choose words properly and make them understand why such treatment has to be done. Sometimes when the children is so tense and not well behaved hands may be better employed. With the help of an assistant and the parent we might gain
control over the children.

The treatment that oftenly done in the department are oral prophylaxis, restoration and extraction. Oral prophylaxis is the procedure by which we will clean the teeth from plaque and calculus, while restoration is done for the treatment of caries and extraction is done for the hopeless tooth and also to give way for the permanent tooth to erupt.

A mixed dentition teeth in which a pedodontist need to play
a role so that the permanent teeth erupt properly.

A model of mixed dentition showing the permanent teeth
in the gum before erupting in the oral cavity.

Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry now is becoming a popular branch of dentistry as many parent are becoming concern about their children oral health. Therefore early prevention is better than curing. Start bring your children to a dentist for routine check up and educate them and the most important is education for ourself about how crucial the oral cavity health are.

Smile always and brush your teeth and your children teeth at least twice a day. Till then have a nice day ahead.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011



We meet again. This time i will be talking about the first department when a patient visit us in dental hospital. It is the Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology.

Usually when a patient show up in our dental hospital they have to register first so that their out patient department card can be made. After that they have to come this department so that their oral health can be assess.

We make the patient sit comfortably on the dental chair and start to talk to the patient so that a complete case history can be taken. We're going to ask the patient's name and all the personal details. After that we're going to ask about the chief complaint. Chief complaint is the reason why the patient seek help from us the dentists. What makes them come to visit us and based on the complaint then we will try to diagnose and treat them accordingly.

When we're done with the case history then we'll start looking into the patient's mouth. All the findings will be recorded with the help of an assistant. To check the patient's mouth we need the dental instruments which are mouth mirror and probe.

All the instruments to make them safe to be use in the patient's mouth need to be sterilized. At this point of view the sterilization come into picture. The readers must be wandering what does it means with the sterilization. According to the definition it is defined as the process by which an article, medium or surface is made free of all microorganisms either in the vegetative or spore form.

Or in the simple words we can say it is a process by which something is made free of germs so that it is safe to use and won't cause any harm.

Many of us wouldn't know the importance of these instruments to be sterilized. Even for me before come to learn about this part wouldn't care much about it.
And sometimes people just don't
It can be one way of introducing subacute bacterial endocarditis (SABE) in patients with heart problem as an example. I'll be dealing with SABE in detail later.

There are so many ways to render the safety of the instruments. The most popular one is to use autoclave. It is because it has the most penetrative power. The picture on the right side show the autoclave in which we have to keep the instruments for 15-20 minutes at 121 degree celcius. And all the instruments which had been sterilized we call them as sterile and shouldn't be touch unless the dentist wear a sterile gloves.

Besides making sure all the instruments are sterilized the dentist himself should be scrub in before working with the patient. From the dentist point of view, we have to at least wash our hand properly. Without touching anything else then we will wear the gloves. Apart from that we should wear head cap and mouth mask before wash our hand. We should also wear gown whenever it is necessary. This precautions has to be taken not only to protect the patient from infection but also the dentist himself and also the next patient.

Dentist wearing head cap, mouth mask and gloves before starting any procedure.

The chain of infection in which we have to break the chain so that any procedure will be safe to perform.

So we as dentists will try to break the chain of infection by prevent the entry of microorganisms into the patient's mouth. The patient himself have to make sure that they are fit enough to receive any treatment. With all of these preparation then only the treatment can be initiate.

Back to when the patient is still in the dental chair and we are checking on them. After all the checking we are going to give a diagnosis regarding the problem that the patient had highlight before. In order to arrive to the accurate diagnosis we might advice some investigations like radiograph and sometimes a biopsy for suspicious lesion.

Finally after all the investigations then we can give the diagnosis and accordingly the treatment plan. The patient will be refer to other specific department regarding their problem for the treatment.

So, that is what we mainly do in this department. We should have thorough knowledge about oral health to give diagnosis. Apart from that we should take good care about infection control. The skill of communications with the patient is also an important thing to elicit proper history.

With that i'll be pen off now, till we meet again next time. Hopefully if not much, this post will give readers a picture what is happening behind the scene. As i always made a point brush your teeth twice a day and smile always.... =)

Sunday, April 10, 2011



Alhamdulillah sy menulis kembali akhirnye setelah sekian lame menyepi. Bukan ape cuma tak terasa untuk menulis sudah. Walaubagaimanapun insyaAllah sy akan mule merajin2kan diri ini untuk aktif menulis kembali. Cuma tema yg dibawakan kali ini lebih menjurus ke arah bidang dentistry di samping aktiviti2 semasa sy di belgaum ini.

Sekarang sy sudah berada dalam tahun ketiga BDS (Bachelor Dental Surgery).
InsyaAllah bulan Julai ini sy akan menghadapai peperiksaan akhir tahun dan akan masuk ke tahun empat bermula Ogos. Ternyata setelah beberapa tahun belajar sy mendapat gambaran yg lebih mengenai bidang pergigian ini dan semakin menyukai nye. Gambaran yg bukan sahaja melibatkan kerja2 menampal gigi berlubang mahupun mencabut gigi sebagai langkah terakhir bahkan lebih daripada itu.

Saya akan cuba membentangkan topik2 yg relevan untuk diketahui umum dalam bahasa yg mudah dan juga dalam bentuk yg menarik. Di samping cuba untuk meningkatkan kesedaran awam mengenai kesihatan gigi khususnye dan oral amnye.

Ini kerana pengetahuan mengenai kesihatan gigi masih kurang lagi dikalangan orang awam. Malahan saya sendiri sebagai bakal dentist juga masih ada sekelumit perasaan takut untuk berjumpa dengan dentist.

Terdapat 9 cabang utama dalam bidang Dentistry ini, antaranya :
  1. Oral Medicine and Radiology
  2. Prosthodontic
  3. Oral Maxillofacial and Surgery
  4. Conservative and Endodontic
  5. Periodontic
  6. Pedodontic
  7. Orthodontic
  8. Oral Pathology
  9. Community Dentistry
Saya akan cuba menerangkan setiap satu persatu cabang2 di atas dalam post2 yg akan datang.
Semoga sedikit sebanyak akan membawa kebaikan kepada semua pembaca ye! Akhir kata ingat
pesanan saya gosok lah gigi anda sekurang2 nye 2 kali sehari. Gigi anda merupakan salah satu
pintu untuk anda kekal sihat hingga ke akhir hayat! Senyum selalu :) semoga bertemu lagi dalam
post2 sy yg akan dtg.