Monday, May 2, 2011

Pedodontics : A care for children

Assalamualaikum and hello to everyone.

Teeth start to erupt in an infant as early as 8 months and will continue to erupt till 29 months averagely. While permanent tooth will start to erupt around 6-7 years old and goes on as late as 25 years old in which the most people said the wisdom tooth will erupt. The period in which mix deciduous and permanent teeth are present is called as mixed dentition. Therefore, if any patient below 18 years old come and refer their teeth problem to us, we will refer them to pedodontist.

Pedodontics is a special branch in dentistry in which we deals with children dentition.A pedodontist is an expert dentist in which they know how to handle child behaviour better on dental chair.

Even though children dentition are not permanent, but we do want them to have a good smile and
most important a healthy teeth so that they can eat properly and maintain their health overall.

So parent play a very important role in their children oral health as children never know how
important their teeth are to them. As early as 2 years old they can bring their child to a pedodontist for routine check up. Parents have to be aware about caries if it may present and seek for the treatment immediately.

It's true that in the very first time when a child meet with a dentist they will very apprehensive an afraid that they will start to cry and shouting. Therefore psychologically dentist has to choose words properly and make them understand why such treatment has to be done. Sometimes when the children is so tense and not well behaved hands may be better employed. With the help of an assistant and the parent we might gain
control over the children.

The treatment that oftenly done in the department are oral prophylaxis, restoration and extraction. Oral prophylaxis is the procedure by which we will clean the teeth from plaque and calculus, while restoration is done for the treatment of caries and extraction is done for the hopeless tooth and also to give way for the permanent tooth to erupt.

A mixed dentition teeth in which a pedodontist need to play
a role so that the permanent teeth erupt properly.

A model of mixed dentition showing the permanent teeth
in the gum before erupting in the oral cavity.

Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry now is becoming a popular branch of dentistry as many parent are becoming concern about their children oral health. Therefore early prevention is better than curing. Start bring your children to a dentist for routine check up and educate them and the most important is education for ourself about how crucial the oral cavity health are.

Smile always and brush your teeth and your children teeth at least twice a day. Till then have a nice day ahead.


Norfazilah said...

ado jugok gg giant gitu,, huihui,, mmg nk jd cam wondergirls... tgkla nnt,,huhuhu,, lawok jer,, :P

nur_amalina said...

hahaha fazi nobody2 time kaseh la mengomen~ hehehe weyh2 tu bukan gigi giant nanti gigi yg len tumbuh ler pulak hehehe :P

Azree said...

Terlewat dah nak check my teeth nie..


nur_amalina said...

to Azree : belum terlambat lagi walau dah sebesar mane pun untuk dtg cek gigi anda,even kalau takde gigi pun dr gigi boleh buat kan gigi palsu taw :)

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It is perfectly normal for a child to be scared of a trip to the dentist. A pedodontist is the person that you must consult as he is trained specifically to diagnose and treat children's dental issues and diseases.