Saturday, March 7, 2009

when we talk about sports


erm... there was KLE Sports Meet yesterday and today (6 & 7 march '09). This is one of the reason our exam were postponed. And guess what i joined march pass in this event. so let's my picture tell the stories...
the day before performance.. only one day for practice!!! (i like it~)

my classmates.. (all those tempe2)

before going to the stadium we took pictures first =P

during our journey...

being 'poyo2'

with sylvina

our march passed (rehearsal only)

can smile during march passed

like fazi said ' berlenggang sungguh ko time kawad!!!'

with my roomate cik azie bijak bistari

the stage

the seats for the lecturers

KLE Annual Sports Meet '08-'09 between JNMC and IDS

the event was not so merrier like during my school n college but it just to fill up the calender events i think so. students only came for the sake of attendance (doctors wanna be didn't want to play so much). but i just enjoyed the day roaming around. even the marched command is in hindi. i kind of laugh when i hear the command (it is because i don't understand).

overall the JNMC win over the IDS. but we must remember that without the runner up there's no winner... ok see u in next post!! (study mode activate!!!!)


Nama Saya Alfian Arif Taib said...

komen anda telah kat post A200 tlh dibalas...sila lihat and make ur face as frown as possible,k??

Nurul Nuha said...
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Anonymous said...

amalina!!! hye!!!! =) kenape ko duduk india, still putih melepak nak mampus tahap moksya?! hahaha. okeh, aku rindu nak dengar ko nyanyi and kalut2 sbb aku baru tgk balik video 'eastlyfe' kita. hidup soledad! hahaha. k bye! hoho. ;) take care! -nuha-