Thursday, July 16, 2009

My comment


last night i watched a movie. it was my old friend that i know since in ktt suggest me to watch this movie. the title is 'syurga cinta'. of course it is a malay movie. the main actor and actress in this movie is awal ashaari and heliza (af5). i don't want to comment more about the actor and the actress but more towards the movie itself.

for me it is a simple movie showing how a person who was born in silver spoon and spend most of his life studying in abroad (irham) fall in love into a devoted muslimah (syuhadah). this person has lack of knowledge about Islam due to no education especially from his parent. he is the kind of person who cannot be challenge. his friends challenged him to tackle a person who's wearing scarf and after knowing each other about a month he has to clash in front of his friends.

knowing syuhadah even for a month has changed him a lot. he learn how to perform solat and learn to recite Quran from syuhadah's grandfather. syuhadah has a great interest in reading books. she always buy books from bookstore. and one day irham ask him a question which i like the answer the most.

i don't really remember the question word by word but it sound something like this.

irham : syu, apa syu akan buat kalau tiba-tiba orang syu sayang tipu syu dan tinggalkan syu? syu sedih tak?

syu : jika seseorang itu hadir dalam hidup saya.. dan menjadi sebahagian dari hidup saya, tapi atas sebab-sebab tertentu, die terpakse pergi.. jangan terlalu sedih..terimalah kenyataan itu, sekurang-kurangnya dia pernah membahagiakan saya..jadi saya redha.

what a great heart she had. i wish to be just like that too insyaAllah =)

as what he had promised with his friends after a month he clashed her in front of his friends and he told her that they just want to play with her feeling. she cried and leave them all.

but there was some feeling that he felt when he did that to her. he was actually fall in love with her. he tried to find her and ask apology but syuhadah's heart was really hurt.

to put in simple word he finally win her heart with the help of her grandfather and irham's younger brother, ikmal.

p/s 1: i want to have a sincere heart full of love (in progress and trying to hehe)

p/s 2: just finished my theory paper yesterday, my practical will start next week. pray for my success. thanx =))

p/s 3: can't wait to go home, miss everything in malaysia a lot...