Monday, December 17, 2012

happy birthday firah!

salam and greetings!

It's 17 Dec of 2012.

And it's my sister's birthday! Her name is Nur Zafirah Zaimi.

my sis
We are 4 years apart. During our childhood i used to bully her and fought with her. I meant who didn't right? when you have so many siblings. We used to have pillow fight too.

Well it was back then. Now we are grown up. People used to tell that we look alike. They even tell that we are twins.Now we become like friends. Share our thoughts here and there. hmmm...

Now she is studying in a private college to become an optometrist. Anyway i'm wishing you all the best in your future undertaking. May Allah always bless you. Become a good muslimah. Make our mama and abah proud of you. Meet with someone who is soleh and taqwa to guide you my dear sis. In shaa Allah :)

I may not be a great sis for you all this while. But my prayer and my love will always be with you.. <3 p="p">


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