Sunday, October 26, 2008

rAndOM vs wEiRd (i'vE bEen tAggEd~)

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aiiiiyaiiayaaai cik liyana ku sayang..... u tagged me la.. what else i can say.. layan je la~

what should we call dis session huh?? if yana call 'memecah tembelang diri' session, i call sharing session lorrr... =P

i kept thinking what should i write, what weirdo2 things inside me huh?? then rather than write sumting weird better i write about random things la kan?? =P so get ready everybody!!

1. dis one yana gave d idea la, i never thought dat i will do such things like dis huhuu it's so boring dat night, n my mood for study had flew away.. i don't know to where.. dat tyme if i'm not mistaken nuha was listening to d radio loudly. n i don't know where dis idea came from, i juz ask them all to make sumtin crazy, what if we do some video clip for d song ha?? yeah there u go, i remembered our first vidoe clip entitle 'if i let you go' we let d music come out loudly n we're pretending to be eastlife instead of westlife (since d song belong to westlife), thanks to hawa for recording it heheh =P more2... then after happy2 being singer we want to do another video clip.. dis tyme malay song turn out into our mind. guest what we chose da bomb song! can u imagine we cannot stop dancing n playing during the song becoz d song is so energetic!! i've even include the step in aerobic (even i didn't really know aerobic haha) n u know what we r so serabai dat tyme, even i'm wearing kain batik at dat moment!! haha =P not enuff wif two song we're going to make d third video!! dis tyme we chose a hindi song.. d song from kabhi kushi kabhi gham movie.. eceh dis tyme everyone gonna be bollywood actress la.. it's not so long when someone knock on our door (bcoz we lock d door). we thought it was warden. oh no!! we're finished!! we shut d radio n open d door. what a relieve it was teha!! ceh teha u ruined our video clip lor~ sabo je la.. one of my crazy2 things in my life huh?

2. some people said i'm 'garang'. oops sorry not some but almost haha =P they also said dat i'm 'sombong' too... ermm it's ok for me u can say whatever u want about me but u know what wise people said don't judge a book by it's cover. n malay said 'tak kenal maka tak cinta'. so come near to me n talk wif me, u'll know what type i am =D

3. erm dis one i think everybody knows.. i'm afraid of blood especially if it's gush out from body. if only a little it's ok (i think so..) i remembered during my childhood there was eid adha when a buffalo is going to be slaughter. i couldn't stand to look at d gushing blood n i felt to vomit at dat place. i've got phobia after dat for a while. i cannot eat meat n even look at d meat can make me feel like to vomit.. huhu i even scare to do physio lab where i need to prick my own finger. really2 i'm afraid of blood~

4. i love to talk, until people will stop me huhu i talk wif everybody even wif auntie coop. dis auntie everybody would tell dat she's quite 'bengkeng'. but wif me she's quite ok. i've even talk a lot wif uncle swami whom sell bread n sandwich in my campus, even fazi get jealous wif me. haha dun worry i don't have any scandal wif dat uncle ok.. =P
5. i dun realize dis until they told me, they said dat i take a long time inside bathroom especially during bath. then someone will shout from outside.. 'weyh amal ko ni mandi k buat kolam air??!!' huhu sorry to all my rumate, i've tried so hard to reduce d time i consume but it looks like i cannot do anything wif it, so please bear wif me k... =D
6. i love to being alone but not all d times la.. then people will said dat i dun have friend n i'm weird.. huhu it just dat i dun want to make people trouble because of me, but i know people love to give trouble to me heheh (juz kidding) so please don't be surprise if u see i'm walking alone, eat alone. when people ask who is ur best fren?? i just dun have answer for it.. weird huh?
7. i want to go home too... (same la kite yana~)
for dis post i'm not going to tag anyone since i dun have many fellow blogger like u yana.. n i dun think they wanna write any weird or random bout themselve.. even i also tried so hard to find weird n random bout myself.. huhu like people always said 'amalina skema' i dun no la.. people always know how to judge other people rite? ermm enuff for dis tyme thanks for tagging me eh yana =P
p/s: yana amran dun forget to leave ur comment ek??!!


yananana said...

hehehe..malina,video tuh sgt2 special okay??? before post comment nih,aku tgk dulu video tuh.mekasih kerana menjwb tagged sy :) wpon amalina garang (org kata lah),tp sy as ex-rum8 kata die manja :)

nur_amalina said...

hehe tq yana cakap aku manje bukan sume org bole cakap aku manje huhu aku mmg tak leh lupe nye la video kite tu hahaha =P

Nama Saya Alfian Arif Taib said...

GARANG????ok,point taken!hahahaha...~


maaf ye xblh cakap ko manja r..partly bcause of ego,another part because im not the one who should be saying it..(u know what i mean...huhuhu...)

~*miss yana*~ said...

lama xsinggah..yay dah ade tenet..but anyway...garang? erm..entahla..knal ko sjak tadika..yg aku tau..laser..huehehe

banyak cakap..betul..bile ade mse..klu lepak borak ngan ko mmg xabis..tyme main badminton pon bole bercerita pelbagai..

aku rs ko xmnja..matang but sensitive..ehehe..

sorry xbole reply ym n comment ko ari tu..ak bizi sgt dan kekangan tenet..skang da ade tenet..pastu tgh 'agk' free sbb minggu exam yg ade few paper je...but lab still jalan..haiya..bile ko da start buat impression..cte la..xsaba nk share pngalaman..all the best!